Spartan Motors Welder III - (LS10974) in Snyder, Nebraska

Welder III - (LS10974)

Job Requisition ID: LS10974

Job Title: Welder III

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Snyder, NE

Post Date: 08/11/2017

Job Description:

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Follow standard operating procedures as well as written and verbal orders and instructions in English.

  2. Lift up to 75 lbs. and be in good physical condition. Standing, bending, and climbing as well as upper body and back strength required.

  3. Follow all company policies and procedures as stated in the company policy and safety manual including wearing safety glasses, ear protection, and steel toed shoes.

  4. Able to work in a noisy environment.

  5. Work overtime as needed.

  6. Actively pursue cost reduction measures.

  7. Perform all assigned tasks within specific time limits and company standards.

  8. Must be able to read a tape measure.

  9. Must comply with all safety regulations regarding the work area, the product and equipment. Recognize and report all safety discrepancies to your supervisor.

  10. Dependable with a good safety record, attendance and performance evaluations.

  11. Function well with coworkers, leaders, and the team.

  12. Possess a thorough knowledge of all aspects of this field including products, options, and uses.

  13. Able to work in all areas of the welding shop.

  14. Understand NDT testing acceptability standards and can effectively repair welds per NDT inspection with no indication repair has been made when complete.

  15. Build from blue prints and use all fixtures effectively.

  16. Is a certified welder.

  17. Must be able to operate and setup welders required to perform the duties of this position.

  18. Possess extensive experience from outside of the company or has mastered all the required skills at the previous level in order to advance.

  19. Ability and willingness to train new and existing employees.

  20. Willingness to share department and company knowledge as needed.

Daily Functions:

  1. Execute proper fixturing and set up.

  2. Perform metal arc welding of ladder components, torque box, and miscellaneous parts as well as required sanding per company standards and quality cosmetic appearance. This includes inside of torque box and body compartments which may cause awkward positioning.

  3. Build from blue prints.

  4. Use hand tools, sanders, and grinders and operate plasma cutter, torch, shear bar-angle, iron saw, and cranes.

  5. Perform acceptable welds in qualified process and positions.

Potential Hazards:

  1. Eye injuries & exposure to ultra violet rays: welding can cause damage to eyes. Required to wear an approved helmet with a lens tinted to 10 or darker per OSHA standards, or an electronic lens set to at least 10 when welding. Eye protection and face shield must be worn when sanding to prevent eye injury.

  2. Burns: wear PPE when welding to protect against burns.

  3. Trips & falls: ensure all air hoses and obstacles are kept clear of aisles.

  4. Heavy lifting: ask co-worker for help or use a crane or forklift operator when lifting objects over 75 lbs.

  5. Air quality: wear respirator when in close quarters due to gases from welding, if needed.

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