Strategic Systems Technology Operations Research and Systems Analyst (ORSA) in Omaha, Nebraska

Operations Research and Systems Analyst (ORSA)

Position Number: SSTI-A-001-14-020-010

Number of Positions: 6

Desired Start: ASAP

Program/Project: A-001-14-020 A&AS

Location: Offutt AFB

Manager: Stockley

Task Description/Responsibilities:

The Operations Research and Systems Analyst (ORSA) shall:

q Support Government-led, diverse, cross-functional teams of analysts and operational planners from the DoD to assess and analyze data sets, processes and technologies identified by USSTRATCOM/J9 to develop recommended courses of action, process improvement and change areas, assessment methods or technology recommendations.

q Build and maintain processes to accomplish objective-based assessments through planning support, data identification, metrics development, data collection, data fusion, data visualization, analysis, analysis visualization and presentation

q Evaluate measures of effectiveness, capture applicable information and organize recommendations and solutions

q Use established operational analysis and planning processes (e.g., Intelligence analysis, Joint Operations Planning and Execution System/Adaptive Planning, Targeting) to develop frameworks and templates to span the elements of national power (PMESII, DIME) that help focus problem sets

q Convert various types of data and information from diverse formats to structured formats for inclusion into various Information Technology (IT) software applications

q Perform analysis requiring professional knowledge of mathematical modeling and statistical, econometric, and other scientific methods and techniques

q Perform a broad range of operation research and analyses, to include process modeling, which requires creativity, innovative use of techniques, advanced approaches, and/or new technologies

q Support division event activities and adviseWargamingCenter (WGC) leadership, decision-makers, and staff planners in the USSTRATCOM community on the best methods for conductingwargamingactivities in support of sponsor objectives.

q Support the WGC joint event life cycle, to include establishment and maintenance of plan of action and milestones (POA&M), execution of event battle rhythm, support game design, and participate in internal progress reviews

q Apply professional knowledge of mathematical, statistical, econometric, and other operations research methods and techniques to WGC requirements

Minimum Qualifications: (Must Be a US Citizen)


o Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering discipline or related technical discipline


Qualified Candidates shall have:

o Extensive experience in a mathematics or engineering discipline such as in mathematics, operations research (OR), computer science, or related technical field

o Minimum of 5 years of OR-related work experience

o Familiarity with state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice OR TTPs

o Ability to effectively use visualization to convey complex, highly-analytical concepts, results, and recommendations to non-technical audiences, especially senior decision makers

o Ability to understand the limitations and uncertainty of analyses performed and properly convey these in a clear manner to decision makers

o Understanding and knowledge of strategic or joint operational military planning and operations

o Experience with:

§ Research design

§ Case study research, planning, and evaluation

§ Analytical or technical report writing

o Familiarity with:

§ Models and simulations in support of operations research

§ Descriptive and inferential statistics

§ Parametric and non-parametric analytical methods

§ Survey construction, implementation, analysis, and evaluation

§ Assessment orWargamingexperience highly desired

Highly desired:

Candidates who have:

o Familiarity with the USSTRATCOM organization highly desired

o Extensive experience with Entity Framework, Tableau, Access Database, and Oracle highly desired

Security Clearance:

q Current DoD TS/SCI Security Clearance is required.

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