Nebraska Department of Transportation Engineer III - Bridge in Lincoln, Nebraska

DESCRIPTION: If unable to fill at the Engineer III level, will consider applicants at the Engineer I/II level. Applicants are required to have a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. Possession of a FE Certificate is required OR the ability to obtain one within one year of employment.EXAMPLES OF WORK: Design or independently check the design of all bridge superstructure and substructure components as well as special/repair plans including the design of reinforced concrete box culverts, gravity retaining walls, energy dissipators and all standard highway bridge types. Check all structural components for structural adequacy per AASHTO specifications and Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) Bridge Office Policies and Procedures. Review special/repair plans to ensure proper geometric layout, component fit and details are in accordance with the design. Perform structural computations utilizing calculator, spreadsheets or proprietary software. Perform a geometric and structural layout of different types of bridges and bridge components and communicate the details with co-workers both on paper and through the use of MicroStation software. Review bridge plans prepared by consultants for conformance with specifications and policies. Review Local Public Agencies' plans for adherence to specification and to Nebraska Department of Transportation Policies and Procedures. Provide assistance and support to consultants as needed. Calculate accurately the bridge pay item quantities. Prepare detailed structural plans (and repair plans) for simple and continuous concrete-slab, steel, pre-stressed concrete, and post-tensioned girder bridges for straight, skewed and curved bridges, and reinforced concrete box culverts using MicroStation. Review shop plans for conformance with design plans and specifications. Prepare girder shim input form and determine the girder shims through the use of the shim program and spreadsheet. Investigate any field problems and provide solutions for the problems in a timely manner. Coordinate any bridge plan revisions needed. Perform site inspections as needed.