FAST GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Painter and Prep Worker - Full Time - Night Shift in Falls City, Nebraska

JOB TITLE: Painter and Prep DEPARTMENT: Paint LineREPORTS TO: ForemanSTATUS: Non-ExemptSHIFT: 2nd Shift: 4PM - 2:30AMSUMMARY: Prepares surface of components and large weldments to be powder coated by removing burrs, slag, spatter, rust, and scale. Hangs parts from racks, blasts, washes, dries parts, and applies an even coating of powder that meets company standards. A Painter and Prep person is also required to perform other miscellaneous tasks, as supervision deems necessary. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:Successfully complete a pulmonary function test.Be able to follow directions to determine what color parts get painted.Examines and feels surface for defects.Determines what process should be used when cleaning and hanging parts.Uses a variety of hand tools and machines.Starts grinder and moves it over surface to remove scratches, excess weld material and burrs.Performs light maintenance and is able to make minor repairs to equipment used.Removes worn abrasive discs, wheels and belts and sharpens chisels and scrapers.Shovels or pours abrasives such as sand, grit, or shot of specified grade into machine hopper.Operates sandblasting machine to clean surfaces prior to painting or coating.Be able to move parts in and out of area. EDUCATION (OR EQUIVALENT EXPERIENCE): Less than high school education; or up to one month related experience or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES REQUIRED:Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out simple one or two step instructions.Ability to deal with standardized situations with only occasional or no variables.Ability to perform simple shop math. PHYSICAL DEMANDS:Day shift is 8 hours; night shift is 10 hoursStand-continuously (8-10 hours)Walk-frequently (2-4 hours)Sit-rarely (grinding small parts)Lift to/from floor-up to 50 lbs. occasionally (components), up to 25 lbs. frequently (components)Lift overhead-up to 40 lbs. occasionally (components), 25 lbs. frequently (components)Lift waist level-up to 50 lbs. occasionally (components), up to 25 lbs. frequently (components)One or two hand carry-10 lbs. for 10 feet (components)Push/pull-up to 50 lbs. force (total 92 lbs. force) to initiate movement of large carts with two employees, rarely up to 38 lbs. force (total 75 lbs. force) to initiate movement of carts with two employees, frequentlyElevate work (reaching)-frequently (painting, grinding, blasting)Twist-frequently (painting, grinding, blasting)Bend-frequently (painting, grinding, blasting)Squat-frequentlyKneel or crouch-frequently (painting, grinding, blasting)Crawl-rarelyStair climb-occasionally (rolling stairs)Ladder climb-occasionallyBalance-frequently (walking or standing around machines, equipment, in blasting area with grit on the floor)Manual dexterity-frequently (moving parts)Firm grasp-continuously (holding paint gun, grinding) Lifting more than 50 lbs. is performed by two employees or mechanical assistance is required. KEY: Rarely 1-5% of day Occasionally 6-33% of day Frequently 34-66% of day Continuously 67-100% of day ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURES:May be inside 95% of the shift, outside 5% to get material of place finished product outside, temperature exposure is usually 70-100 degrees inside near ovens, and outside varies between -20 to 100 degrees + with high humidity in the summer.Confined spaces-slightHigh elevations-slightMoving objects-moderate (forklift, carts)Noise level-severeSlippery surface-moderate (floor sweats in summer, outside may be slippery in winter)Vibration-moderate (grinding)Air pollution-moderate (paint dust, blasting booth) VISION AND HEARING REQUIRED:Near vision and depth perception-significantFar vision-minimalColor discrimination-significantHearing sensitivity-significant PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Eye protection, safety shoes, protective clothing, ear plugs. EQUIPMENT USED TO PERFORM JOB: Powder paint gun, blast boo